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GolfHITS Handicap Infraction Tracking System

The Handicap Committee within the golf club is responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap System, including the monitoring of each members Handicap Index. GolfHITS Handicap Tracking System is your foundation which assists your Handicap Committee by automating your Handicap tracking procedure for infractions and penalties. Our H.I.T.S. technology recognizes USGA regulations for tracking, notifications, and managing your Club Members' Handicap Index.

H.I.T.S. (Handicap Infraction Tracking System) technologies include:

On a daily basis, GolfHITS accurately compares any clubs tee sheet and the scores posted to the GHIN handicap system. The system then automatically creates detailed reports that identify those golfers who played but did not post a score. The Handicap Committee can easily send personalized infraction notices to each golfer.


The Golf Handicap Committee no longer has to spend endless hours comparing tee sheets to handicap posting reports, the automatic infraction notices and custom reporting makes the thankless handicapping committee job as simple as clicking a mouse. Check out the testimonials.

GolfHITS is a USGA® VASP and currently partners with a number of state and regional golf associations around the country.

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