I took over the Handicap Chair position at Forest Glen Golf and Country Club in Naples.  I quickly realized that comparing tee sheets manually to see if scores had been posted to GHIN was an unpleasant and time consuming effort.   In January 2014, I convinced our club to purchase GolfHITS and it revolutionized how we track and notify our members of rounds not posted.  We have seen GolfHITS grow and improve over the last 4 years.

I don’t know how we ever did this job before GolfHITS.

Jerry Detzel
Handicap Chairman
Forest Glen Golf and Country Club

Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club has over 1,000 golfers in our Chelsea Tee Time System and until GolfHITS came along, the Handicap Committee spent an enormous amount of time manually checking that all scores were posted to the GHIN Handicap System.

Within two weeks of using GolfHITS, our list of “did not post" golfers dropped over 40% and within the last month, we've seen the list of “did not post" golfers drop even more to over 60% on some days.

GolfHITS has made our job on the handicap committee much simpler and will make our Handicap Committee better. We've taken days of work and reduced it to one or two hours!

GolfHITS is the BEST!

Heritage Bay Golf & Country Club
Naples, Florida

Golfhits has been a lifesaver for our Handicap Committee. It has cut our workload by 80%, and ensures a much higher level of accuracy. The fact that it maintains a history of every golfer in our club, what notices they have recieved, as well as the capability to keep internal notes, has proven invaluable. Between the excellent support we receive, and the continual improvements made to the program, we would recommend GOLFHITS to all club handicap committees.

Cedar Hammock Handicap Committee

Overall our members have expressed their appreciation for us tracking and contacting people who haven't posted.  The system has enabled us to really address our goal of getting people to post! The last DNP report for last Saturday (one of our busiest days) had almost 99% of people posting!

Jerry DeMars
Handicap Chairman
Encanterra CC

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